Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Wooden Printing Blocks

.....I know it has been a while. It´s not that nothing worth writing would happen around here it´s more the oposit: too much happening to give me time to write!!! Ah well, I guess thats live, right.

Anyway: Yesterday I made a quick trip to see my friend A. for a cup of coffee and bring her something, that she had left behind on the soap making workshop. She has been working really hard to get her soap kithchen ready and had to clear out quite a bit. And she was thinking of me, as she decided to give these lovely letters away! How luck am I??? I have been after these kind of wooden printing blocks for ages....;-)) So happy!!!!
Thank you my dear!

I got some surprise mail last night. One asking to trade one of the ATCs I had made a while ago. I still had it and so I was happy to trade again, havend done much trading in a while, but its good to get back to some artsy exchanges.
The other mail was one I was really happy about: Jan found a picture of some of my handbound books and featured it on her blog!!! So cool! As is her blog!
Go and have a look here Thank you, Jan...;-))

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