Wednesday, January 29, 2014

creating daily - day 17 to 26

...I know, I know I am a bit behind with posting my progress. I have been away over the weekend, at the "Paperworld" fair in Frankfurt. I have been demoing for Polyform Products and I had a blast. It was really cool but at the end of the day you are tiered and don´t feel like doing much. So I am a bit behind and I will try to get back on track right now:
 on day 17 I decorated some of my clips with washi tape. Not a big deal, but they do look a lot different and so much more fun...;-)
 Day 18: playing with grids and patterns in my sketchbook.
 Day 19: I had this cardboard letter "A" for some time already and I could not decide how to decorate it. Since I am a lot into maps right now this was a perfect choice!
Day 20: I am not sure where I have see something similar to this, (could have been on "a beautiful mess") but I really like the idea of adding some bright colour to the rim of a wooden box and putting it on wheels!
 Day 21-23: okay, this is not really a small daily project, but I ran a bit out of time! I really wanted to make a piece of jewellery that I could wear while being at the show. I totally love the new silk screens from Polyform Products and printing with them! So I did select that and use the printing technique for this polymer clay necklace. And I was working on more than one day on that!
 Day 24: I love decorating envelopes and with these ones I used some washi tapes and used some of my carved stamps, too.
 Day 25: I have been out with a friend and we where drinking a glass of wine each. I really loved the look of a glass of white and a glass of red on the table. So I sketched that.
Day 26: Another stamp idea from Julie Fei-Fan Balzer´s Stamp book: an arrow stamp! There are so many cool ideas in this book, I am sure there will be more coming up !
Okay, so much for today. More creating to do today...;-))


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