Thursday, August 07, 2008

tagged and Circus!

I have been tagged by Niki!!! Thank you for this award, Niki....;-) And here are the rules for playing along:

The Rules:
1. Only 5 people allowed.
2. 4 have to be dedicated followers of your blog
3. one has to be someone new or recently new to your blog and live in another part of the world.
4. you must link back to whoever gave you the award.

Okay so here is my part:

1.The first one is Niki , who gave me this award and tagged me..;-) She is a friend from the Frances Meyer design Team. I have meet her in real live, too, when she came to Berlin with her wonderful son and husband.
We had a crazy time and a lot of unexpected things happened. We both moved just reacently to diverent locations and so we are kind of in the same boat again...;-)

2. Another one of my far away friends is Brigitte. She lives in Canada and i also have meet her in real live, when she came to Berlin. She does awesome calicraphy and she is always encouraging me to keep going with my art work...thank you for that!!!

3. Birgit lives in the Netherlands, so its quite close. She is one of my steady blog readers and I like to thank her for that!!! I like her work very much and she is a constant source of inspiration for me...;-)

4.Nat lives in Germany and she is another source of constant inspiration for me. She is very funny and very experimental ... and just how cool is that??? So another one on my list for sure...;-)

5. okay and finally we have a new addition to my blogging friends list: Karin .... she commented on my blog and I had a look at here blog, and I must say I really like it!!! She lives in Sweden and I have a soft spot for nordic design and crafts anyhow .... and how could I not?? Since my mother named me "Anke" after a girl she meet in Sweden...;-)

(I will not translate this part, because I know you all are fluent in English...;-) )

So what else happend here?? My DD and I spent most of the last days on the International Juggling Convention, which apparentliy is taking place just litterally in front of our door this year and DD took two workshops at the youth circus, which is part of the IJC.

Was ist sonst noch so los?? meine Tochter und ich haben viel zeit auf der Internationalen Jonglier Convetion verbracht, die dieses Jahr sozusagen direkt vor unsere Haustüre statt findet. meine Tochter hat an zwei workshops im Kinder und Jugendzirkus teilgenommen, der auch auf der Convention ist.
It is unbelivable how profesionell the kids preformance was. Most of them only spent one morning practising for their gig and it was wonderful!!!

Es ist wirklich unglaublich wie proffessionell die Kinder waren. Die meisten hatten lediglich einen Vormittag für ihre Vorstellung trainiert und es war einfach wunderbar!!

Can you tell that her drem is to be an artist???
Sie will mal eine Artistin werden, kann man schon sehen, oder?

The next day she spent in another group, but that was just as wonderful!!

An nächsten tag hat sie bei einer anderen Gruppe mitgemacht, und es war genauso toll!!!

After the preformance was finished we spent some more time walking around and watching some of the most fantastic jugglers.....this guy is an unbelivable good contact juggler and he took the time to show us some of the basic things about contact juggling .... very cool!!

Nachdem die Vorstellung beendet war sind wir noch auf dem Platz beblieben und haben und einige von den fantastischen Jonglören angesehen...dieser Jonglör ist ein wahnsinnig toller Kontakt-Jonglör, und er hat sich die Zeit genommen und ein paar Dinge über das Kontakt-Jonglieren zu erklähren ... sehr cool!!!

I took a lot more pictures and ,if you like, you can see some more on my flickr gallery here: clicky

Ich habe noch viel mehr Fotos gemacht und in meiner Flicker gallerie könnt ihr euch noch einige mehr ansehen: hier

Okay, thats it for now, see you in two and a half weeks...;-)

So, das war erstmal für heute...ich seh Euch hoffentlich in zwei Wochen und noch ein bisschen wieder hier...:-)

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Blogger Jacqueline said...

The circus looks great!!
It looks like your DD had a lot of fun!!

8:54 pm CEST  
Blogger Birgit said...

Thanks so much Anke, that's so sweet of you!! I will pass it on in my next post!!

11:47 pm CEST  
Blogger Beeline said...

Too nice of you to mention me in your list - Thank you!
Looks like the circus was alot of fun - hope you're having a nice holiday!

1:09 am CEST  
Blogger Nathalie Kalbach said...

Thank you Sweetie!!!!

Love your gorgeous photos of the circues- so cool!!!

Huge hugs

8:27 pm CEST  

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