Tuesday, July 29, 2008


weather!! It´s either hot or cold....nothing in between!!! What a summer!
Unfortunatley I can´t show you any of the things, I am working on right now... so without much words, I show you some pictures about some things around here:Today I got some mail love: Dawn send me this wonderful pack of paper scraps...can´t wait to use them...;-)... I have been on the flea market again and found some little treasures: a kids sewing mashine and a kids book I have been looking for for quite some time now. The sewing mashine needed a bit of repair, but is working again and my DD enjoyes using it!.... did some little sewing projects. The boat fabric was another flea market find!.... and finally some pictures from my studio: I found the bottle rack at my mums house. She wanted to through it out!!! And I had been looking for one of these for ages! I wanted to use it for my paints ... and now I set it up in the studio...;-) So pleased with it!

What are you doing?? Any new things in your studios? Or did you find some things you have been wanting for some time??? Tell me! I would like to hear about it!

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