Thursday, July 17, 2008

are you wondering

what I have been doing??? Well, me, too!!! There are so many things that needed my urgent attention right now, I had no time to blog AT ALL! I have tones of pictures and finished quite a bit of the UFS I still had here, but since I had not much access to my computer I had no way to edit them all, so this will habben as my time permits it, but I fear this will not be soon, since the summer holidays are only around the corner!!! Oh deary me!!
Today I had to take care of my Bokashi Bucket!!!!
...this is the first time I had tried to fill a bokashi bucket. Unfortunately I have selected a place that was exposed to much to the sunlight and so it got to hot!! After some new information I got from Al ( Biosa[tm] Bokashi Composting , ), I decided to take the bad bokashi out and start everything from scratch again!

Hey and donĀ“t forget to comment...;-)
Try to be back soon!

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