Monday, June 23, 2008

still fighting

...with the b****dy virus!!! it gets on my nerves big time! No its not that I just have tones of things that need to get done, or my son that needs to finish some important things for school, or that I cant follow any of my favorite blogs ( blogline hates me right now!) makes me just plain crazy that I cant get this sorted out and working nice and easy again..! It makes me mad to write and then needing to wait for one or two MINUTES until the letters appear on the screen! On top this is post No 401 and next month will be my THIRD blogiverary...and I soo want to do something nice to celebrate it.....please dear Goodess of the zeros and naughts help me get this baby going nice and easy again!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I linked you on my blog. Hope your computer works soon

4:40 am CEST  

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