Saturday, March 29, 2008

...we are back

but I feel really awful. I caught something and I hope it will not stay with me for long!!! My head is cloudy, running nose and heavy limbs.....awweee
So today I just will show you some pictures and go back to bed..especially since the night will be one hour shorter...hate that!!!

Sometimes its good when you are away, because when you come back you find some mail love waiting for you: stamps I had ordered, since I fell in love with them on the Scrap-a-licious week end, postcard from a friend, and ATC from THE Kristina Contes and a wonderful birthday card and a stamp rubber from a dear friend in Canada...;-)
This is one layout I made at the Scrap-a-licious WS
And a layout my dear friend Fauve made for me ...doing a photo swap with me...;-)
Okay and some inpresions of our snowy easter in the black forest....didnt make any good picture at my parents house and none of my brother, who is back to down under now...*Snif*

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Friday, March 21, 2008

Eggs for easter....;-)

Wishing you all a Happy Easter....!! See you in a couple of days after the holidays! We will be gone to see my DH´s parents and then my parent´s, and my brother and his wife, that have come all the way from Sydney, Australia....looking forward to some happy reunions and some great family time...;-)

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Thursday, March 13, 2008

...I am sooo lucky!!!

.....I spent the most fabulous weekend in Utrecht, Holland on the Scrap-a-licious workshop. Corinne and Celine were teaching and they did such a wonderful job!!! I meet Nat nice to see you honey!! And Fauve , an online friend for the first time in real live. These were the definite hight lights, but everyone on this workshop was so nice, talented and just fun to be with...I love it!!!
Apart from having a wonderful creative experience I have been extra luck to be there and win the first prize of the lottery on Saturday night!!! I could not believe my luck!!! This is what I won: A fantastic ATC card holder full of originals from oh so many celebrities of the scrapping world!!! How cool is that????

Here are some of my favorite pictures: The wonderful Corinne teaching:
The funny and unbelievable talented Celine showing one of her layouts:
And here squeezing the paint...;-)

My dear friend Nat...;-)))
and the sweet and beautiful Fauve
Nat and me standing in front of the Utrecht Dome
..looks like a bunch of Scrappers, hey?

I love these red shutters!!!

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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

...just a quick "hello"!!

.... I know it has been ages since I last blogged...but moving is a good excuse I believe!!! So many things happened...I cant even remember them all...and I will not post the whole list I just find the time to say a quick hello!!
We ( me and the kids that is!) have been living a whole week in our new apartment ( well except the weekend I spent in Holland on the super fantastic Scrap-a-licious weekend...more about that later, too!) and today I got the computer hooked up to the internet again!!!! Hurray!!! Everything is running smoothly and so I will get more online time again!!!
My studio and the apartment are still full of boxes and live is sort of chaotic...but getting better. I missed my online friends a lot...but there are still things to do for me today.....;-)
See you soon again....;-)

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