Wednesday, March 12, 2014

project 365 creating daily

another update on my project 365 -creating daily:
 day 43: cutting a stencil - the pattern is from Alabama Chanin
 day 44: cutting the pattern and the fabric for a Alabama Chanin bucket hat
 day 45: printing the fabric for the Alabama Chanin bucket hat
 day 46: paper plane stamp
 day 47: another "african flower" granny square
 day 48: two matching flower stamps
 day 49: granny square "african flower"
 day 50: next step: sewing the hat together
 day 51: round flower stamp
 day 51: this is a stamp that I made for my son
 day 53: spiral stamp
 day 54: the stamp for my son was a little to big, so I made a second one, a little smaller ;-)
 day 55: chevron stamp
 day 56: added an embossed stamp to the cover of my diary
 day 57: some masks from magazine pictures for later use
 day 58: the last missing granny square
 day 59: the view out of my window - sketc
 day 60: "navajo" stamp
 day 61: Paisley masks cut from junk mail
 day 62: tube earrings ( Polymer Clay)
 day 63:  ombre papers made with this tutorial
 day 64: paper snowflake masks
 day 65: the granny squares got stiched together
 day 66: stripes stamp
 day 67: washi decor on two of my pens
 day 68:  I took part in this project: Selfportait
Sorry for the long post, but I was desperatly in need of an update... ;-)

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