Thursday, July 12, 2012

Bead Soup arrived...!!!

... on both sides of the big water, luckly...;-)) Barbe just send me a message, that the bead soup I made for her has arrived today. The one I got from her arrived two days ago .... and what can I say!!! I was complettly overwhelmed! Barbe has been really generous and put some lovely things together. The bead soup itself is quite something, but then she also added extras to it as well ...wohhh!!! Can you believe that? I have been really spoiled! Thank you soooooo much, dear Barbe!
This is the "offical" bead soup...wonderful clasp, georgeous little book focal and a whole lot of beads and components in copper and turquoise.....she has been studying my favourites very well, indeed!!! ;-))
...and here are the extras, too!! Susan Lenart Kazmer things and another "A" and a mushroom pendant, numbers and really cool metal components....wooooh!!! And everything was wraped very nicely ( I was to inpatiened to take a picture of the packed gift!) and tied with Sari silk....I mean it! Barbe really spoiled me, lots!
Just for the records, I will also show you what I sent out to Barbe, for her bead soup to enjoy...;-))

I have made a heart pendant ( the one on the left) and a heart clousure and matching beads and components. All is made of polymer clay. I also made some extras and added them to the soup, here is the complette pack I sent out:
Cant wait to see what she will make with the bead soup...;-)) Our reveal date is the 11th of August! So stay tuned and watch what we will make with our bead soups...;-))
BTW: I am still extremly busy right now, but I hope next week everthing will slow down a bit and hopefull I will have a bit more time for play and blogging again!
Take care!!

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Blogger Jessica said...

Oh My I LOVE both of these soups!! Can't wait to see what you design with yours! Industrial chic components are so much fun.

9:57 pm CEST  
Blogger Unknown said...

I like both bead soups. I bought some Industrial components recently and feel like I'm cheating but I love them anyway. I love your polymer clay too - very nice!

1:16 am CEST  
Blogger barbe said...

I am so thrilled with mine! You are the best partner! xoxox

5:57 am CEST  
Blogger barbe said...

I am so in love with what you sent me!!! I can't wait to work with them. Thank you so much!

5:58 am CEST  

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