Thursday, October 08, 2009

Bonjour - Auf Wiedersehen!

(my work from the workshops)

...... it feels like I have just come back from France, and I am allready backing to go again! So bear with me, I am a little short of time right now.
I had the most phantastic time at the Euro Clay Carnival in the South of France in Luc-sur-Orbieu. I meet so many nice people from a whole bunch of countries, and of course some old friends, too.
The workshops were all just to good to be true and each one of aour teachers where the most fantastic persons all in their own right. I was soooo glad I did go an could take part!

A special Thank to Kylee for beeing such a wonderful organizer of this event!

v.l.t.r. Donna Kato, Carol Blackburn, Bettina Welker, Kim Cavender, Julie Picarello, Natalia Garcia de Leániz

As I said, I am packing again allready. This time it will not be as far away: I will go to the annual Workshop of , the German Polymer Clay Guild. This year I will not teach, but there will be enough work for me, too...;-) I will meet more old and new friends again, and Donna Kato and my co-presidents from the German Guild: Bettina Welker, Kerstin Rupprecht, Ulrike Schaffrath and Martina Weller. Cant wait to see you all again!

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Blogger Zwerg said...

and the Zwerg is missing you...
Lovely work you´ve done.
I´m looking forward to my new burl wood framed glasses made of polyclay(;-)

See you soon for a soap session and /or a nice Coffee


11:58 pm CEST  
Anonymous vivian said...

Absolutely love my present!! Thank you sooooo much Anke! You are so generous.. (little shout out on my blog..)

11:08 am CEST  

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