Friday, January 30, 2009

Breaking the ice.....!!!

Broken Ice
Originally uploaded by Emikokolala is so long since the last post on my blog....some of you might even think, I have abondoned this place at all!!! It is not the case .... there is just so little time in my days and ever day I think, why did you not blog today again??
So this is just a short post to break the ice and let you all know I am still here ( hope you are too!) and I will get back to blogging again.
I still do all the things I used to do, like scrapping ( yes Birgit, I still do!!), working with polymer clay, taking pictures and other crafty adventures.
Tomorrow I will go to a long day of lectures about dyslexia ... need to get some more information how to help my daughter with this problem ... but I hope to be back on Monday!!! Have a good weekend, and let me know if you are still here...;-))

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy New Year!
Glad to have you back...
I have stopped blogging cause I just don't have the time so I admire you all the more for carrying on!
I know how busy you are-hang in there!

5:55 am CET  
Blogger Mermaid said...

Schön, dass du wieder hier bist! Und: ein schönes, neues, erfolgreiches Jahr!

2:08 pm CET  

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