Thursday, May 08, 2008

.....miss you!!!

today is a day to miss a lot of things and above all persons! my dearest Grandma died today two years ago. I still miss her a lot and i can not believe it is that long ago already. I have been with her just before she died and took turns with other family members to bee with her till the very end. I am very grateful for this, but it also was very hard to let go. She did not speak anymore when I came and so I had no chance to have a conversation with her anymore at that time. but I did learn a lot never the less...about my self, my mother and some more family relationships. Not all of this was pleasant, of course, and it still sits in my head...!!! Omi you have been the best, and a truly wonderful person!!

Another thing I have noticed is that I am missing Berlin much more than I thought I would!!! I love it here...smaller town, nature very close by, near to France and some of the family...but still there is thist soft spot in my heart, longing for Berlin...well it must be as it says in the old song: "Ich hab noch einen Koffer in Berlin!" ( I still have a suitcase in Berlin!) But hope is withing reach: Friday is the last day of school before another holiday, and we will go traveling again!!! Huraaayy!! First we will go to a huge party near Cologne. Friends of us have a this yearly ritual: a big party and a lot of our friends from our university will be there, too, with their respective kids and everything: three days long!!! Its like a tiny Woodstock for us!!! I am so looking forward to this!!! And when its over we are heading to BERLIN!!!! I love it...;-))) I have tons of things I want to do and meet more friends ( mostly from other phases of live that university times). And I hardly can wait!!!!!
When we come back there is still a couple of days left of the holidays, but those will be spent mostly with learning with my son especially: there is still a lot he has to done, because he has mist some lessons due to the change from the school in Berlin to here!! And I need to be his teacher for math, chemistry and English....OMG!! I am not really good at that... but it has to be done.
Okay, back to the studio....I want to get some more things done before the holidays hit me...;-)
Take care!!!
Ohh and BTW: I LOVE comments...;-)))

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It's so tough when you lose someone you love, but know that the you spent was spent well. Many blessings to you and yours. Your jewelry is gorgeous by the way.

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