Tuesday, April 22, 2008

.....what keeps me

from blogging??? I have no idea! seriously...it´s not that there would be nothing to blog about or that I do not want to...I just don't do it. Does that ever happen to you???
Anyway..here are a couple of things that have been on my mind lately.
Scrapping: I think about it all the time, but don't actually do it....why??? Don´t know....this is another layout That I had started on Corinnes WS and have not show you up to now.
Right now I am very much into food! The kids have been very bad with eating their lunch and i don't think thats funny. Well so I thought maybe I need to make a bit of a bigger effort. to make a long story short: I "found" Bento Boxes!!! Since I am completely crazy about (nearly) everything from Japan this is the ideal answer!!! Like to have a look?? Here are two great ways to see what bento boxes are: Flickr group and Biggies blog. I really like to get into making bentos...there are just two little problems: I need to adjust it to my kids much more western taste and I need to find some supply source for some of the equipment. I am really sad about loosing my local Asian food market in Berlin. It was in walking distance and , as it turns out new, one of the biggest in the city! As I have to look in a much smaller town now, it gets a bit more difficult: I found a couple of little Asian food shops, but I now realize how spoiled I am when it comes to that kind of shopping! But fortunately I might take a little trip to Berlin soonish and have a little shopping trip to my former Local Asian market...;-) Anyway her is my first attempt at making rise balls ( not for the kids, for myself....!):
On the weekend we had a tiny little birthday celebration for my son, who turned 14....!!! I hardly can believe he is 14 already! Two of his cousins and his (half-)brother came over for some cake and muffins. It was not to busy and in the evening we were all watching a film together. Sunday was the only nice and sunny day this week and we luckily went out for a like trip on that day. It got colder in the evening, but nothing compared to the already bad weather now!

My flowers and veggies are starting to open up and come out of the earth now. The veggies grow real slow, but I can understand that, I would not want to get out in the cold, too!
I found some real nice thrifty things last week, too, but have not taken any pictures. A red chair for my kitchen balcony and a vintage suitcase, some tiny glass vases and some little brick a brag. I will show you later...okay???
I promise not to be so lazy with blogging anymore....its good to keep in the rhythm...;-)

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Blogger maz said...

Lovely post Anke. That layout is so delicious, as are your flower pics! I LOVE tulips....

8:02 pm CEST  
Blogger Nathalie Kalbach said...

Love your layout soo much Oh and I totally love Sushi - yummmie!!! So when I visit you some day you gotta make it for me ,-) (demanding nat- LOL)

7:28 am CEST  
Blogger mary h. said...

OMG! That tulip is breathtaking! Love your lo.

4:36 pm CEST  

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