Thursday, April 24, 2008 we go again...;-)

...whats that??? Two posts in three days??? I must be getting back in the mood for blogging!!! Yesterday we had the first sunny day since, I cant even remember since when.....! Look what a bit of sunshine can do to me: I have a ton of eye candy to show you!!
First of all I want to show you mine find, that I have promised you! In Germany we do have (in some cities) days when you can put your bulk waste on the road in front of your house and the next day it gets collected by the garbage removers from the town, This however is a good opportunity for all kind of treasure hunters to find things before BEFORE they get collected....
and these are the treasures I found..

I am thinking about revamping the chair and the suitcase a bit... How about some polkat dots, maybe??? We will see!
My poppies are so lovely, and each day a new one opens up! Cant take my eyes off them!
This orange is almost translucent!!! What a color!!!

.....I also started a new crafty project: I wanted to find some good use for some of my leftover yarns, and I always wanted to make something with granny squares. So I took out my box of yarn and started. I will have to see how far my leftovers go and then decide, WHAT it actually is going to be...LOL

AND I made some new ATCs!!! Seams like ages, since I made the last ones!!! I am really happy about it, since I had a couple I needed to sent for a trade, and I really like the outcome of those new sets!!!

(These ones are traded already:)
(So are these:)
(But these are still here waiting for there travel destination . Just let me know if you like to trade with me, okay???)And finally I have a toot!!!! Two of my polymer clay tins where featured on the Craftgossip blog network!!! How cool is that!!! Mine are N0. 1 and 4...;-)))
Hoping for some more sunshine today....makes my live so much easier!!!

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Blogger mary h. said...

Those poppies are absolutely gorgeous!

4:33 pm CEST  
Blogger alittlebitofscrap said...

Hey great finds! I love your new ATCs, you are very talented! Your poppies are beautiful too! They will be blooming here soon I hope :)

12:18 am CEST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

love the suitcase! and i would leave the chair red, but hey; it's one of my fave colours! love your atc's!!

2:44 pm CEST  

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