Wednesday, December 05, 2007


...I am so glad I got my coloriffic swaporama packet out today!!! I have been coleccting things, but I had hardly had any time for my handmade items. So I got it to the postoffice today..LAST day!!! But just in time...;-) The lady at the post office told me it will not get to were it goes before Christmas...can you believe that??? I mean it nearly 3 week...!!!
Have been busy again...doctors appointments, bank appointments, nearly found a great apartment and the it suddenly was gone.... it seams to be more difficult that I thought at first!
Tonight is Saint Nikolaus Night in Germany: all kids have to clean their boots and put them outside of the front door over night. When they have been good they get sweets a little presents, when they were not so good they get a birch ( which is full on sweets to...;-) ). For us this is a funny thing anyhow, becaus my DH is called Nicolaus and so its his names day and his patron saint. So in our house it the wive of Saint Nikolaus, that brings the sweets!!! ;-)) I found two absolutely perfect books fro the kids and my mum sent sweets ( I think) I am not allowed to open the packet before tomorrow morning, too...;-) I can t wait to see my kids faces when they find the books: They are nice books, but they also remind them of some things they wer not so good with...( in a nice way of course!)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I need to mail a swap package from US to the Netherlands today. Sounds like maybe mine will not get there in time either, from what you are saying. Fingers crossed!

3:46 pm CET  
Blogger cinnibonbon said...

I like the boots by the door. What a nice tradition.

6:59 pm CET  

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