Wednesday, September 26, 2007


I have been a real bad blogger lately! I wish I had some more time to just sit down an write...but alas there is to many things that need my attention right now... non scrap related of course! I still feel like on a roller coaster going up and down constantly.
My life has mostly been like this...always unexpected things coming up, or crazy stories happening. Sometimes I think I should write a book about those stories....but everyone would thing I am just telling stories anyway!!! Yesterday I had planned a dinner with some friend, that are visiting from the morning I got a phone call, that they need to chancel our dinner, because their family had arranged something for them that night. Okay, no problem for me, I am easy. So I wend on with my daily live....just before 6 I got another phone call : their little bay was having health problems and they need a paediatrician. So I gave them the address and phone number of my kids doctor, arranged a date for them , just 15 minutes later they were their. Then I got another phone call from my doctor: where was I? She can not communicate with my friends and she need me to be there to translate! I had not even asked my friend if she would be okay with German...and of course I had never spoken to her in German, either!! So I made sure my kids were all right until DH would be home, got on my bike and cycled to the doctor. It turned out she could not do much and we had to go to hospital. I decided to go with them, how could I not have...??? Grap a taxi, go to the children´s hospital and then wait!! They had many emergencies coming in, and so we had to wait for quite some time, but in the end it turned out good: no need of surgery and the little boy was taken care of very well. So we took another taxi when to their hotel and I went home by underground from their. My bike still stands in front of the doctor´s and I need it when I will go to work .... but this is the next story..more about that later....!!!
Oh just by the way: this is normal for me! Things like this happen, well not on a daily basis, but very often!!!
Got to get ready for my next adventure!!!

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Blogger Christiane said...

oh my, life is a journey, huh?? hope everything went well for you the next time!!
i stay tuned .... ;))

3:20 pm CEST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You think this is weird? wait til you hear my stories! ;-) One thing that struck me as weird is that your doctor doesn't know English...

4:06 pm CEST  
Blogger debbiec said...

wow! busy day! glad everything turned out ok with your friend, though. you were sweet to help them so much!

9:17 pm CEST  

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