Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Have you seen this:
I know it is a bit small to see, but go to the link and you will see, that I am on Scrapscene!!! And what is even more I am mentioned in the same article with Donna Downey!!! I just can ask you: How cool is that??? I am completly blown away with it!!!

Isnt it unbelievable how you can be so low on one day and then be completly high on the next, just because one simple note on the net...;-)

Here is a new layout I just finished yesterday: ( details are on my flicker pages)

And I also had to add a picture of my new love! My new wasching mashine!!
Our wasching mashine broke last month and we had to get a new one!!! I knew the old one was not going to live very long anymore, but we had a hard time chosing a new one: we wanted one that is ecological correct!!! And thats not so easy !! But now we found one and after washing with this new baby, I only know how bad the old one was!!! This one washes like a dream and toumbles soooo much better!! The wasching is dry in one day!!! I love it!!!

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Blogger sollie said...

Congratulations!!! You must be so happy to see your name there.

11:37 am CEST  
Blogger Je@net said...

Wow, sure thats great news!!!

5:04 pm CEST  
Blogger Nathalie Kalbach said...

Weehee- congratulations!

7:56 pm CEST  
Blogger Emine Pazan said...

Woooooohoooooooooo congrats girl ;)
How exciting...

Beautiful layout sweetie


7:56 pm CEST  
Blogger Christiane said...

wo ...nderful!! congrats again!! ;))

9:08 pm CEST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

See? "When one door closes another opens up"

3:07 am CEST  

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