Friday, May 04, 2007

.....time flies by....´s been ages again since I blogged last. I do know what happened, but right now I am just complettly stressed out. I think its just one of these times when nothing fitts... I dont feel like writing much,too

But I have some pictures for you from a family trip we did on 1st of May. We went to the Main Station, were they put up a huge dinosaur sceleton:
Did you know there is a beach right in the center of Berlin??? Me neither, but I discovered it:
I did a bit of art work, not as much as I wanted ... but it´s a start: I did not find the right way of storing or diplaying one of my layouts. Cant show the actuall layout,´cause I had to takje it out of my galieries,( it´s going to be published!)But I can show you the frame I made for it...;-)
Tomorrow is national scrapbook day and even here in scrapbook desert there are some things happening, or online, but I will not be able to join anything, cause I have to work in the shop...;-((( Have a great weekend!!! Take care!
BTW: does anyone know where you can get decal paper, that you can print on yourself ( with an ink jet preferably)???

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

You can get decals and many other special products here:

1:11 am CEST  

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