Monday, May 21, 2007

Sneak Peak 1 revealed... I can show you the full pictures of one of the sneak peaks......I had made this altered object for a Design Team Challenge. It´s called "Archeology of the Soul".

And no I did not get in....I am quite sad about this one, because I was soo hoping for it to happen.... but it just did not...;-((

What really gets to me is that I never know, WHY I do not get its kind of hard to figure out what I could make better the next time. I mean I know it has been a hard competition and the ones who got in are sure one talented bunch...but still ther is this lill´sting bothering me... ah is just not my day...

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Blogger N. said...

Wer zum Teufel nimmt dich nicht ins DT mit SO EINEM genialen 'piece of art'?! Unglaublich :-( Ich blättere grad durch Deine Blogempfehlungen, da sind ja wahre Schätze bei. Danke dafür! :-)

9:22 pm CEST  
Blogger Vanessa said...

wauw this is wonderful!

10:22 pm CEST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh Anke! This is so gorgeous!!
Who knows what they were looking for?
Don't feel bad - hang in there - your day will come!

(never say never)

10:39 pm CEST  
Blogger Nathalie Kalbach said...

wooooowww-. this rocks!!!! Hey---sei nicht traurig- wenn es L. war, ich habe dort vorher hingeschrieben und erfahren, daß wir Internationalen diesmal in die Röhre schauen- also deswegen!

11:21 pm CEST  
Blogger Emine Pazan said...

Aw sweetie

this is Gorgeous.. I really can't believe why you didn't get in...

Let me tell you... I applied for a dutch designteam... And I got rejected yesterday... I started to doubt my talent... BUT today I have my biggest toot ever...

It's just that people are sometimes looking for different things... You are doing a fab job... Keep on trying and keep submitting your pages and projects because they're awesome..

And don't forget... the more you create, the more you can show people the more chance you have to get in...

Keep creating sweetie ;)


12:31 am CEST  
Blogger Christiane said...

sei nicht traurig!! deine zeit wird kommen!! und ich mag dein *piece of art*!!

6:29 am CEST  
Blogger Unknown said...

ah well.. maybe you are just too good for them :)

Dont worry about it. just keep trying, but make sure you pic a spot for a designteam that fits you're style! Good luck!

10:01 am CEST  
Blogger Lilian Schneider said...

It's gorgeous Snke, and your time will come!

11:42 am CEST  
Blogger GomollDesign said...

Was .... und mit so einem genialen Teil nehmen sie dich nicht?!?! Das sieht sooo genial aus!!! Ich find's klasse und Kopf hoch - um's mit meinem Mantra zu sagen: Everything in life happens for a reason! - wer weiss, was da noch auf Dich wartet!

9:12 pm CEST  

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