Friday, March 09, 2007

Well....Friday again!

..... slowly I am getting back to normal. I am still not feeling at my best, but I just cant rest any longer. I have been back to work yesterday and today I was trying to get a couple of things organized, that have been sitting on my desk far too long already!
But I am still taking everything very easy, since I do not want to go back to bed again!

I finished a couple of handmade cards, that I had promised sweet Emily in Canada ages ago...she probably thinks I have completly forgotten her. But that is not the case!! Live is just trying to get a lot out of me and I am still not at my goal for this year: to get all the old comitments off my desk and just work in the now!
I am also still true to my word for this year (which is " DARE"" in case you have forgotten...;-) ) and I dare to show my work and, yes, I also dare to be rejected!!!! But I try not to let this get to close to me .... one day I know I will find the right space and get my work noticed!

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Blogger kei said...

your stamps are very nice! ^^

12:47 pm CET  

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