Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Organizing and Canadian Day

I have been a real lame blogger lately!!! Not that there would not be anything to tell...sometimes I am just overwhelmed with everything!!! I caught a really nasty cold, too. I have been hanging around with it for nearly ten days now, but it is finally getting better.I am still in the middle of organizing my studio and live. This was one of the promises I made myself for 2007. I have done quite a bit already, but there is still a lot more to do!!! I managed some of the aweful paperwork, that has been lying around for far to long and that felt so great!!! I also promised myself not to take on any new projects, before I would be done with everything I had put on for too long. I could not keep that for very fact every time I do that, there are new projects popping up everywere, that I just can not ignore!!! I will also not do so many colaborative projects , or projects that need to be send anywere anymore. German post costs are just killing me!!! I have spend so much money on sending stuff in the last year, I have to reduce it! I also have been working on a couple of things I can not show right now.....but later I do hope so...;-)Yesterday definitly was a Canadian day for me: I got a wonderful package from Emily from Canada ( in the first picture). Tons of wonderful handmade and Asian paper, little tresurea of all kinds and the best of all a book I had been craving to get for ages!!! I do not klnow how she figured that out, but it was such a wonderful surprise!!!Late in the evening I also had a phone call from one of my best friends, who is living in Canada since ages. She told me about the birth of her fourth child. Her name is Mira and she was born on 13th January!! Congratulations Deborah!!!!! Cant wait to see some pictures!!!Another thing I am really looking forward to is Saturday: I will go to Hamburg ( havent been there for ages!!!) and meet some of my newly aquired friends....and talk about my newest craze - scrapbooking! Cant wait to see you all!!! Even if I have to get up really early that day!!!

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Blogger Nathalie Kalbach said...

Gorgeous pictures of your studio! Can't wait to meet you on saturday!'!!

6:38 pm CET  

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