Friday, November 20, 2009


We have put together a little polymer clay box of give aways ( and we might throw in some more things or even make a second box...;-) ). There are a lot of things for you to try out and have fun with....!!! I can already hear you ask the question: and how can I win this box?
Well, here is the deal: we need more people to get involved in our Euro Clay People Project. This means we need more people to know about it. And here is what you can do for us, and one ( or two!) of you will win this prize by doing so:

Post on your blog or website about our call of entries for the Euro Clay People Book and link to my previous post (here!). If you have done this, come back to my blog and post a comment with the link where you have posted about our call of entries. If you have done so I will put your name on the list for the drawing of the give-a-way on 12th of December. Easy, right?
Any quesions? Please ask, someone else might have the same question!
So please link our call and post a comment!!! Spread the word and make my day...;-)

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Blogger Zu said...

What a fabulous giveaway! Please count me in! :) I would love to try Pardo clay! :) I have already given a link to your post in my blog on Wednesday :)

12:59 pm CET  
Blogger Dos Amapolas said...

I don't have a web site or a blog about fimo, but I have published it in two very popular pages of flickr, Fimo and Fimoadictas, with a traslation in Spanish.

Blanca / Dos Amapolas

2:32 pm CET  
Anonymous Kathi said...

I put you and your post on my blog!!

will you ship to the US? (Hey, you said ask a question *g*)

4:03 pm CET  
Blogger Tonja Lenderman said...

I added this to my blog and pull the feed to facebook :)

6:20 pm CET  
Blogger Unknown said...

Kathi, where ever the winner will be, I will sent it to! No matter where!

9:22 pm CET  
Blogger Zwerg said...

I would love to get ist and i´m working on the link on my blog(;
transport will be easy

12:06 am CET  
Blogger Studio Kakelbont said...

I have put a link on my blog. Not only about polymer clay but all of my creative things.

I'm from The Netherlands.
Good luck!

12:22 pm CET  
Blogger El Sapone said...

Ich bräuchte zwar dich dazu, falls ich gewinne, da ich von tuten und Polymerclay keine Ahnung habe, möchte aber trotzdem mitmachen und hab dich zu meinem Blog verlinkt.
Schönes Ding übrigens, was du da planst:)
LG Sannyas

5:53 pm CET  
Anonymous tanja stumpp said...

hallo anke...
ich habs verlinkt auf meiner homepage

2:07 pm CET  
Blogger milena said...

und ich verstehe nur Bahnhof, aber bist auch bei mir;.)))

11:47 pm CET  
Blogger Räuberling said...

Ich bin über einen anderen Blog zu dir gestossen und finde das eine tolle Idee :-)
Habe soeben deinen Aufruf auf meiner Seite verlinkt und hoffe, ich habe das Ganze richtig übersetzt *Gg*

Ich drücke die Daumen, dass viel zusammenkommt und wünsche noch einen schönen Nikolausi,
lg, Daniela

5:33 pm CET  
Blogger Enkhe said...

I put the link on my blog and Swiss polymer clay group's blog! Tomorrow I am going to put the link also on some other blogs and sites! So count me in please!

11:10 pm CET  
Blogger Enkhe said...

It would be a perfect birthday present for me! Sigh!!!!!!!!

11:13 pm CET  
Blogger Enkhe said...

I forwarded the link to some other clayers and some other bloggers! :))))

4:40 pm CET  

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