Tuesday, April 15, 2008

totally imbalanced!

...not just me, but the weather, too!!! I feel completely out of it....where has my rhythm gone?? The change between my DH being here and gone( every 3 days a different program!), getting up really early ( like 5 am) and staying up late( after midnight) in fast sequences, and the rainy weather makes it really hard for me right now...have no idea what to do about it!!
I am really into ecological questions right now and I was watching "an inconvenient truth" the other night.....if you have not seen it, go and do it: NOW!!! its such an important film and it really makes me wonder what is going to happen to our planet. We need to wake up!!! SOON!!! You see signs of it everywhere!
On the weekend we did a hike near the River Rhein...and there its again: too much water! Look at it!

I did get a couple of things done in my new studio and it is looking much better already...still not finished, but I am getting there slowly...;-) have a look yourself:

I found this tiny very nice local market, just around the corner...and I think they have wonderful fresh local things there...This is so good!!! And the closeness to France really shows...;-)
..I am waiting for my tulips to open up each day... but its still cold here...so I guess I have to wait some more...no scrapping, no moja and no new creative projects in sight...hope do get back into the swing soon!!

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Blogger Casey said...

You have an amazing scraproom, but that produce makes me want to run to my kitchen right now! How fabulous!

11:20 pm CEST  
Blogger Beeline said...

Your studio is looking great - lucky you! I'd love to have a room of my own...maybe someday.
The weather is mixed up and crazy everywhere. Cold and rainy one day warm and sunny the next - you're not alone. The climate is changing, no doubt, - we can only hope that we can adapt because most people are not willing to change their lifestyles - not really. It's sad. The new buzz word around this side of the world is'sustainability'.
All we can do is try to do our part and hope for the best.
On that totally depressing note -
have a good week!


5:11 pm CEST  

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