Tuesday, April 01, 2008

....I love this!

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...do you remember this??The smell of freshly washed and wind tried washing?? I am so happythat I can hang my cloth outside again and wait for the sun and the wind to try it!! In Berlin it was much to dusty to do this an so we had to try our things inside...but it did not have this lovely smell anymore.....now in the new place I can hang it outside again!!! This smell makes me happy!!!...but this smell doesn't!!! What on earth is that I hear you asking, well that is what happens when you have an awful cold, are not able to sleep and decide to get up again to make yourself a nice cup of hot milk with honey.....but you have a new oven and are not used to it...it takes ages to heat up anything...not like with your old gas oven...so you decide to switch on the computer until its done...and the you start surfing the internet..until you hear this funny noise...no, did not smell anything AT FIRST...remember that awful cold? and the you see this:this is what milk looks like when you let it boil for about half an hour or so...not recommended at all!!!...this is Shaun...and he was patiently waiting for us all to get up Sunday morning...my DD did lay the table for us....and I slept in with my cold..so he was waiting for us to have breakfast with him.....how sweet is that??? ;-))

On the mentioned night I was tossing and turning for a reason, too. I finally got my own studio to work in and now...I just couldn't...there is still a lot to unpack after moving, but that was not really the problem...the problem was there was something wrong in the room...so I just couldn't work in there. But I am happy to say I solved the problem: switch some furnitures around and...BINGO...not the juices are flowing again...;-) I am so glad I did find out what the problem was. So today I finished my little vintage childhood mini book. I did start it at the Scrap-a-licious workshop, but now its all finished...and I love it!!! Thank you, Celine for another wonderful class...;-)


Blogger Birgit said...

Oh gosh... that milk looks aweful! But the picture of your laundry is gorgeous! and so is you minibook! Hope you feel better soon!

11:43 am CEST  

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