Friday, February 08, 2008

...just a quick "hello"

...we are living in boxes now..literally! Packing packing packing....we had some parties going as well: My MIL was here for dinner, some friend to say good bye, my DS has a farewell party with almost all his class mates and on Wednesday was my DH´s birthday: he turned 44!!! Tonight we will have one of our nephews coming for a short visit, have one dinner with friends and another birthday party at a friends house!!!
And tomorrow I am leaving with the kids to Karlsruhe for a week. DS will sty there for good and live at his auntie´s house for now, DD will have one week of trial at her ( hopefully!) new school and I will get some things organized in our new home!!! I will not have much access to the internet while I am away, so I will keep you up to date when I am back in Berlin again!!!
Sorry to be so short....but there is a hell of a lot going on in my live right now!!! See you next week!

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Blogger Michelle said...

Love the photo! Too cute!!!

10:48 am CET  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

rotfl! Hope the upcoming move goes smoothly!

2:52 pm CET  
Blogger Amy said...

I totally love that top photo, and absolutely relate to it!

5:08 pm CET  
Blogger Kumi said...

Happy Valentine's Day to my German friend!!


5:50 am CET  

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