Friday, January 18, 2008

....the count down starts!

....or the magical blog...;-) Its so cool: when ever I start whining about something on my blog, it gets solved! I think I own a magical blog...;-) Just a couple of hours after I had written my last post, I had a phone call: we got one of the apartments we applied for!!! AND what is really cool: its the one that was the top of my list! Now its definite: I will have my own craft room after moving in the new house!!! Still can not believe it!!! And now the count down starts!! 1st of March we will be living in a new town .....if any of you need my new address, please drop me a line and I will send it to you!!!

I found a new game on Nat´s and Andrea´s blogs. Its so cool I had to do it at once!!!
Cover-Artwork Tag: Create the cover of your bands new album!!!
This is how it works:

The name of your band will be showing up after using this link:
You album name will be the last four words from the last quote on that side here

The third picture here will be your album cover:

Have fun with this and post a comment so I can have a look at your bands new music...;-)

And here is another one that cracks me up:

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Blogger Nathalie Kalbach said...

ohh- thsi looks like nice chill out music- nice!!!

Congrats on the appartment. you send me your new addy- will you???

9:08 am CET  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the great apartment. Hope you love it and the new city!

1:55 pm CET  
Blogger Ann(i)e Hafermann said... fun!!!

5:17 pm CET  
Blogger Bernadette Merikle said...

having personal scrap space is the best!

7:23 pm CET  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What good news!!
You'll love having your own space - looking forward to seeing pictures once you're all settled in.

1:56 am CET  
Blogger Sonia said...

congrats on having your own space! I lived in Germany for 2 years. My husband was in the u.s. army. We were stationed in Vilseck. We lived in Amberg for the first year. I love Germany. Got to meet Dh's family (his mom is from Germany). Beautiful, but brrrr! lol

5:19 am CET  
Blogger GomollDesign said...

Whohooo - congratzs on the good News about the Apartement! Can't believe you'll be leaving Berlin and we didn't manage to meet a single time ... ;o) Your Music-Covers look really interesting - esp. the second one - I'm curious what the music on this CD would sound like ;o) Have a wonderful sunday!

12:51 am CET  
Blogger Birgit said...

Congratulations with your new appartment! It's so nice to have your own scrap space!!

9:12 pm CET  
Blogger Bettina Welker said...

Wow, you're leaving so soon? Congratulations on the successful appartment hunt. Hope to see you more often once you're living "round the corner".


4:16 pm CET  

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