Monday, December 03, 2007

...not feeling Christmasy...;-((

...don't know what is wrong with me, but I am not feeling Christmasy at all!!! I guess its all the house hunting and other things to organize for our move...!!! Even the kids are not in the mood really! On the weekend I tried to make our Adventskranz with them ( which they all liked in the last years) but they did not want to ... so I ended up making it on my own. Maybe we all have been tiered? This was our first party weekend of December ! And I know there are more to come for sure! Everyone went to a different party on Saturday and Sunday was much needed for getting back to normal again!
This week is going to be quite backed as well, decisions to be made, list to write for Christmas and the Move, and presents to be made....busy busy!
Just got a phone call from my sons school: he will come home, he is ill!!! On my!
Happy Monday???

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