Thursday, December 13, 2007 mail, no light, no new home....;-(((

...I am still not in a very good mood and not feeling Christmasy at all!! I guess its the missing light!! That makes me really blue! I mean we get awesome skys...but that was right in the afternoon....buhhh!!!I even have no proper light for working . Look at that:

thats around eleven in the morning!!! I mean how can you shoot any decent picture with so little light??? I also wait for a lot of mail to come in, but each day the same thing: no mail today....???? Huuu??? Please get some of the things here to cheer me up!!!
Well not being in the mood for crafting has one good side: I finally cleaned my desk completely!!! cant remember when it has been as clean as that!
I got one layout to show you nevertheless..hadn´t uploaded this one. I tried some new things with transparency's...its hard to see, but the frame around the picture is transparent...;-)

I am still hunting for a new home for us, but I guess it´s not e very good time for it! Everyone is doing their Christmas thing and not thinking about the ones I find are not the ones I want....I need a break!!! Will do more hunting after Christmas...and hope the new year will bring what we are looking for!
The kids had some of their Christmas performances: Luis played the grand piano at his teacher´s house. Alina the xylophone at her class´ Christmas performance. And she did a light beautiful!!!

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Blogger corinne5 said...

You will find the perfect house. send out what it is that you are looking for, write it down on paper, visualize it and believe, mostly believe that this house will come to you in the beginning of January 2008. I am sure it will come Anke :)


5:37 pm CET  

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