Monday, November 26, 2007

..... on the move...;-)

...hope you weekend was as good as mine..;-) Saturday I have been at the shop opening of creavil. There weren´t that many people there, but I did meet some friends/customers from the shop I used to work for. And that was great!!! Nice to see them again and being able to tell them were I had disappeared to! Dani´s shop is very nice ( did not take any pictures, DH needed my camera) and I hope she will be very successful with it! I could not help, but I had to get me some stuff. Seams like I have got a soft spot for Tim Holtz...;-)
In the evening we were invited for dinner at a friend´s house and we had so much fun there, haven't laughed this much in quite a while...! I sat next to one Italian and one Spanish girl, on they were both much fun!
Sunday we were mostly home and had some good family time, played board games with the kids, had nice tea and later dinner. I spent some ( long) time on the phone, talking to my dad, my auntie, a very nice lady from Karlsruhe, who helped me a lot with sorting out the school situation for my daughter. I still have to do some thinking and sorting out, but looks like it will be MUCH better for finding a prober school that will help her with her dyslexia that I could ever dream about here in Berlin! Keep your fingers crossed it will happen!!! I so wish it for her! And it would take such a burden of my shoulders!! My dad offered to help us with the moving. He does not own his own truck anymore, but he will hopefully be able to arrange something for us.
And I signed in for Corinne´s Scrap-a-licious WS in March. It is not the best of timing for me, becaus it will be like the first weekend we live in our new home, but I just have go do it somehow!! And I will!! Looking so much forward to this!
Oh and while were were still sitting at the table eating I got a phone call from Canada, from one of my best friends. Guess what: she is moving, too!! Ism´t that just hilarious!! But her move will be much bigger than ours: from Vancouver to Toronto!!!! With three small kids!!! I don't envy her at all!! She will come to England over Christmas to see her family and she asked me if I can make it to see her at that time!!! I wish I find a way to do it, but how???? We are thinking about if we can leave Berlin at Christmas at all, But hoping over to England as well.....if my bank account would be well filled there was not even a second I would think about it, but alas its not.
Have a good week and stay in touch...;-)

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Blogger Lu said...

oh! that grungeboard! I am looking forward to using that one of these days.

4:23 pm CET  
Blogger Mandy said...

Cool you've got grungeboard, can't wait till it's available in the Netherlands.
Well see you at Scrapalicious then!! :)
Love, Mandy

6:30 pm CET  
Blogger Beeline said...

Looks like you got some fun stuff to play with! Can't wait to see what you come up with...

12:34 am CET  

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