Monday, November 19, 2007

oh, what a .....!

.... ( insert any given period of time!) live is so hectic right now I can not believe it! Well try to give you all the details: first of all I will not keep my secret any longer: we will move!!! Out of Berlin!!! I have now lived here for 22 years!!! Can you believe that??? The kids are outraged that we can do such a terrible thing, but me and DH are absolutely positive it is the right move for us now. We BOTH have been given opportunities that we will not get her in poor but sexy Berlin. And I am craving for going back into my first job love: back into architecture!!! Yeah!!
We will move down South, nearer to both my DH and my originally family. And the thing that gives me the creeps right now is we will leave pretty soon!!! Looks like February right now, but its not set yet!!! Oh Boy!!! Tons of things to organize!!!

Next topic: DH is having his operation today, in fact he is under the knife right now!!!! Hope all goes well!!!! Will know more later in the day!

Yesterday was my workshop....and it was sooo good!!! Not as many people as I had hoped for some very late cancellations.... but the ones how were there had tons of fun!!! ( See picture!)
I had some very sever migraine attacks last week...just what I needed when preparing my workshop.....oh well, I managed somehow....
Kids have got lice...AGAIN!!! I HATE those little buggers!!!! Good it got sooo cold now, so I can put moste of the cuddly toys just outside to get them clean again!!! Last weekend it had snowed for the first time this winter!!!! Sooo early!!

Some more layout I had not shown for the Finding you workshop and one for the last scrapjack...;-)

Ahhh and before I forget it: I have a little toot for you: one of my photos got published! Look here!
Now I better go....more things waiting for me!!! See you soon!

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Blogger Nathalie Kalbach said...

Wow- wie aufregend! Herzlichen Glückwunsch zur Euren Zukunftsplänen!!!

9:11 am CET  
Blogger Christiane said...

das wird bestimmte in aufregendes neues jahr!! viel glück!! :))

6:32 pm CET  

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