Wednesday, October 10, 2007

...some serious scrappin´ much to do!! We will be heading down south to see some family on Saturday. So i need to finish some of the projects before we go off....see those piles on my desk??? See! I told you!!

Yesterday finally my complimentary copies of the Memories Magazine arrived...and one of the layouts I had submitted...wonder when the other on will get home..
I decided I need to do some more experimenting with my stuff, I just have not in the least gone to the limits with some things. Yesterday I found this little heart shaped mirror and this gave me an idea: how about some Rub-Ons on a mirror??? It works! Its easy and I like the result!!! Try it! ( The rub-ons are from Frances Meyer)

Finished one layout today: my entry for the all about eve challenge #8- Music:
No Music - No More.
You cant read the journaling on the picture, so here is it:

...I loved music...used to love it! Don´t get me wrong.. I still love it, BUT...!
When I was younger I used to listen to music all the time. My best friends were the ones I shared music with. My guitar was my best friend as a teen. I even was a DJ for my schools party club. What happened? my hearing got quite bad, and I know it will get worst eventually. Now if I hear music, I have difficulties to hear what people are saying, cant follow a conversation anymore, because of music! This really led me to prefer silence...most of the times. But
sometimes I still have to turn up the volume...!!!

I love it when you leave me a comment and there are so many of you ready I would never have guessed!! Please keep on commenting...;-))

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

cool mirror!!
love the layout!

4:39 pm CEST  
Blogger RiNNE said...

great l.o.!!

6:43 pm CEST  
Blogger Noelia said...

Love the mirror! Great idea!

6:15 am CEST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wowww @!! cool mirror !!!
and your LO looks fantasstic !!

3:05 am CEST  

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