Sunday, June 03, 2007

Sundays are good for hunting...;-)) inspirations and wonderful things on fleamarkets that is!! I was sooooo tiered today after all the partying yesterday!!! I am just not in the age fro staying up until three in the morning any more....!!! But sometimes good things come from being tierd too!!!
After breakfast the boys NEEDED to play on the computer and I was really pissed off with all that noise their game was making, so I decieded to go the local fleamarket!!! And I find some wonderful things!!! Some old stamps, a wooden stamp, a stamp holder, some great sewing notions, an old exercise book and on with lovely flower pictures in it and some vintage place cards....good hunt!!!

Tonight I hope we will have a nice relaxing evening, one of the boys has to cook tonight ( we take turns for sunday cooking in our family, and I am off tonight...;-) and we will play some board games and later I will cuddle up with my DH and watch a movie.....ahhh I love relaxing Sundays!!

EDIT: Since some of you have been asking about this, I will give you some more details about the flea markets: I do mostly go to flea markets in Berlin....there are at least 15 different ones. I like to go to the smaller, non touristy ones ... they are cheaper and I am more likely to find things I like. I do like to go to the fleamarkets just around were I live. But I am a hunter.... so whenever I get the chance to be somewhere else, I look for things...;-) I also like to go to libray sales and I had some great discoveries there, too. When I travel I keep looking for good finds as well. I think with the years, I got better at finding go things, too!!! Wish you all luck with your hunts for cool things!!

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Blogger Vanessa said...

i love your findings, was it at the fleamarket in Berlin, i think its not so far away from where my aunt lives!!!

6:35 pm CEST  
Blogger Je@net said...

Wow, I just love flea markets and what you found is so fantastic!
Have fun with it!!

9:29 pm CEST  
Blogger GomollDesign said...

Very cool finds - they have written "use for art" all over them *lol*- which flea-market in Berlin do you go to?!?! I usually visit the one in Dallgow (Havelpark) but there I rarely find any cool things ... !

11:02 pm CEST  
Blogger Lilian Schneider said...

I love flea markets too, but these things you found are amazing, love those 'old' stuff!

Btw: I received my FM package today (Monday), aren't those goodies great?

1:31 pm CEST  
Blogger Nathalie Kalbach said...

Ohh grandiose Sachen hast Du da gefunden!

6:09 pm CEST  
Blogger Catherine said...

I love your book, looks way cool!!

2:00 pm CEST  
Blogger LimonVerde said...

Woaw, hast du super Sachen gefunden. Welche Flohmarkt ist es, ich k├Ânnte mal auch vorbeischauen.

3:56 pm CEST  

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