Thursday, May 17, 2007

....and now to something completely different

...I am in a crazy mood at the moment. may is just a crazy month anyhow! There are so many holidays and nothing like a routine. not that I especially like routines, but I seam to be feeling better, get much more done and are more relaxed. But this is not working in may!!The kids are off school a lot, many family activities and not much creative work getting done.
I did finish a buch of ATCs.... seams like a long time since I made any....;-)

Ohhh and yesterday has one of these days that just make me crazy. neary everything went I was absolutly delitgted to see on sweet Hagits blog that I won her RAK!!! I still can hardly belive it! I am one of these people how donĀ“t win things...but maybe I have to edit that now: I am one of these people who used not to win!!! ;-)
And one of my layouts is to be seen on the How dare you #22! That is great, too!!

I seam to be gettimg out of my invisiblility! Finaly!

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Blogger Nathalie Kalbach said...

oh those atcs look gorgeous! Congratulations on your price!

11:10 pm CEST  

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