Friday, March 30, 2007

...what a week!!!

I can´t belive it´s Friday again!!! I have not been blogging for the whole week. Why? Just to busy!!! And what a week this has been!!!

I have been workin more than usual in the shop, because last week was a traid fair and now this week everything had to be put back in the store...that always means lots for work for me!!! But this time I got a little present for my boss ( for feeding her cats while she was away): she brought me back some Heidi Swapp gost shapes, I have been loonging to get my hands on!! Cant wait to try them out!!!

But this was not all this week .... oh no!!! Since it is the last week before Easter break for my kids there was tones of test for my son: English, French and Math!! Each day there was a different subject we both had to work for..... you wonder why I have to work for them, too??? Well I was wondering about that, too, but if I do not help him with it it´s just a desaster!!! he still is my little baby and needs his mama for sertain things, I guess. He will be 13 next month ( wohhh!! Is this really that loong ago?), but that´s not to big to need help....;-)

With my daughter I have done a lot of reading and after all the things going on with her dyslexia, we ( especially me!) needed to cool down and relaxe a bit! Stress it our worst enimy!!!

And you probably guess it: if you are under stress you make mistages and I made a very hurtfull one on Tuesday: after learning Math with Luis for hours I was in a big hurry to get Dinner prepared and took down a big glas bowl from the shelfs. Unfotunatelly this bowl had a crack for a look time already, but on that day it decided to give up and broke just in the moment I took it down. I spare you the details, but there was quite a bit if blood and I cut myself quite bad in two fingers. Luckly on the left hand, so I still can do most of the things I need to do...

Oh, and something else: I just sent off the second entry for a design team search in this week. I wount tell you to whom, I am superstitious about that, but I hope you wil wish me luck!!!!

Tomorrow I will draw the winners of my three little give aways, so if you have not done so, it´s still time to leave a comment...;-)

Okay, to get ready to go to ths shop.....!! Wish you all a nice, relaxing weekend and lots of time for your leisure....well I can do with some of that, too!!!

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Blogger Nathalie Kalbach said...

Autsch - mit der Schüssel!!! Klingt fies!!!

Ich wünsche Dir ganz viel Glück!!!!!

11:06 am CEST  
Blogger Je@net said...

Keep my fingers crossed and wish you luck!

6:39 pm CEST  

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