Sunday, February 04, 2007

Relaxing Sunday

I had so much to do latley, that I have not treated you with any news from today there will be a loooooong post on my blog...;-))
I had to work a lot in the shop the last week and it was the last week before the kids half term. As you can guess, I was just running around like crazy...nearly forgot to breath at times! On Friday the kids got their half term report and yesterday they went off to their Grandparents┬┤ in the Black Forest with DH. I could not join them, more work for me next week!!!! But it is nice to have some me-time this weekend....!
I was so looking forward to the postman yesterday. In a crazy attempt to completly ruin my finances, I ordered lots of stuff to work with untill DH is coming back. The postman rang and handed me a little packet...BUT it was not for me! It┬┤s for DH Birthday on Tuesday!!!
I was soooo disapointed!!! And last night I did this digital layout of my daughter. No photoprints ... so I just go digital!!!!
This morning I wanted to sleep in...but guess what: no kids here to wake me and I can not sleep!!! HA, I knew it!!! Its always the same. So I decided to get up and use the time to do something nice, made some nice breakfast and went to the fleamarket. I had not been for quite some time and so this was a treat. Its getting colder again ( mind you: still nooo way near normal January tempretures!) and it rained, but still I enjoyed it and I found some nice things: a good jewelry book, a funny wire rack and sone vintage sewing stuff and tins, and some funny little metal rulers, that are perfect to be used as frames!
I had to get some nice coffe to get warm again, when I came back;-)
Another thing I wanted to do for some time was sorting my paper supply. But how can you do this, with four people jumping around the house??? Exactly!!! So now was the time!! And this is how it looks when I start sorting stuff .....:

I installed a counter on the blog and I must say it completly took me by surprise to see how many of you are reading my ramblings...I did not think that it really could be that many!!! I only wish you would make more comments....*hinthinthint*
I also will update my linklist as soon as I get to it......I have outgrown the reacent list...;-)
I wish you all a relaxed Sunday too...see you on the blog!

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Blogger Nathalie Kalbach said...

Hey- awesome - it is cool to have a weekend for yourself ...and ....ohhhh those wonderful goodies you got on the fleamarket - I wish I had those too! Your digi layout rocks!

7:31 pm CET  
Blogger Christiane said...

you've did it digital?? that's great!! love your cute little goodies!!
have a great week, sweetie ;)

11:09 am CET  
Blogger Liz said...

Cute LO. Wouldn't have guessed it was digital. And I hear ya about no kids and still not being to sleep in. Ughhh.

2:59 pm CET  

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