Sunday, July 02, 2006

..... where has my time gone???

I have not been posting anything on my blog the last couple of days. My time just flew by and I had no time for anything!!! It is the last week at my kids schools and there are a lot of extra activities and I keept on runing back and forth to get everything done.... From wednesday on the will be on holidays for real.....
I think I will take a summer break from blogging for the school holidays and only write when I can manage to and Free Friday will take a break, too!
I did arrange some new things during this week, know me, I just cant go without that!!! I opened up a new blog for the "La casa de papel - extreme distress" project for AlteredArtEurope , my yahoogroup, and I have to say that I am very pleased with it sofar!!! Go and have a look here. I will write more about my book love later on...;-) and about my ideas for distressing the book I have chosen.

Aloe soap makro
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Another thing I found this week is: SOAP!!! I had ordered a new craft book at amazon and it arrived last weekend. It is called "handmade soap" by Melissa Coss. The pictures are heavenly and I just read through it like that. I had made my own shampoos and washing lotions some while back, but the shop were I bought the ingredience closed down. I kind of stopped doing it after the close down. They opend again on a much smaller base now, but I did not really get back to make my own cosmetics again. Some years back on a trip to England I had discoverded "Lush" and completly fell in love with their way of making soap....and after some time they also opened a shop in Berlin!!! Lucky me I thought at first, but they have very costly soaps so this had to be a very rear treat for me. But you can belive that I was completly in heaven when I got the book about handmade soaps and realized I could make my own soaps, just like the ones I so much adored and maybe even better ones!! I surfed the net a bit and found two very good site in German!!! That is very rare and it is very hand, becaus sometimes it is quite hart to find all the proper translations and the sources of were to get the things you want. Especially if you only have the English words...!!! Sometimes it took me quite a while to figure out what exactly the German word is for some crafty equipments! I do not want to hid these wonderful site so here are the links: one is called Naturseife ( Natural Soap) by Claudia Kasper and the other one is the Forum von Naturseife ( messageboard of Naturseife). I will let you know about my first soaps once they are made...;-)

Oh and there is one other thing I must tell you: my friend Shakti is praising me on her wonderful inspiring blog!!!Here and here...I do not want to repeat it, so please go and have a look for yourself!!! ;-)


Blogger Kumi said...

Hey, just wanted to say "Congrats" on foodball!!
Get the championship, you Germany team!
My office is so excited now as it's a German firm!!

3:45 am CEST  
Blogger macsoapy said...

Where can I find your first handmade soap?

9:57 am CET  
Blogger Unknown said...

Hi Macsoapy:

here you go:

4:24 pm CET  

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