Tuesday, July 11, 2006

handmade soap

Coconut Cream Soap

I have been really hot on making my own soap ever since I got a new book about soapmaking. However there was allways something to make me do something else. But today was the day...yeah!! I made my first own handmade soap!!
Of course I was soooo curious that I had to take a look after just a couple of hours....this ist what it looks like...;-)

Sunflower Calendula Soap


Blogger Sandra said...

Mm, if you have some left I would like to try some once :-)

12:09 am CEST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

coconut cream sounds nice---maybe a tiny sliver for "free friday"
heh heh--I know, what a letch.
You should sell it in your shop--although the overseas postage will be brutal.
Let us know how it goes in 4 weeks!

6:27 pm CEST  

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