Saturday, June 17, 2006

this weeks finds...;-)

I have been very unhappy this week about the post....I am waiting for a ton of things to come in, but they dont...;-(( But actually it was not that bad, it was just not the things I have been most desperat for, like my package of the coloriffic swap-o-rama on flickr. I am looking at the lovely pictures al the time...but my postman doesnt ring...huhuhu
But there were some lovely finds this week: I got two books I had ordered, I found two lovely cups at my local asian supermarket and I found this little stationary shop, that was giving up business and sold everything for half the prize....;-) Quite good for a normal week....;-)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

yes great finds, dymo is so fun!

11:09 pm CEST  
Blogger firstborn said...

hi...found you via elia's blog...too cool! i noticed that you collect things, make atcs & give away free stuff every other friday>>>how wicked cool is that?!

would you consider joining my flickr group, friday's finds? it's meant for anyone who collects pressure...just thought to invite you...

anyway, justed wanted to visit & say that i like your blog!

have a nice thursday,

:) mary ann

3:27 pm CEST  

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