Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Dragonfly Pillow

Silk and cotton pillow. I had seen this piece of silk and I just HAD to get it .....!!! When I was a very young girl I had this think for silk already: I had this scark I always used when I went to bed. It was made of silk. I could not sleep without it. And sure enough after some time it was only threads.... so my Mum needed to buy a new one. But I insisted on real silk!!! the shop assisatnt told my Mum she could get some artificial, cheaper stuff...but ther was no way around it: No silk - No sleep!!! I am stilll kind of crazy for silk...;-)
This is a project I made as a AOC ( Artist on Call) with a stamp from Gloria Page: http://vickieenkoff.com/1gloria2.htm


Blogger Sandra said...

What a very lovely pillow, Anke!

8:19 pm CEST  

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