Friday, December 21, 2007

Happy Holidays to everyone!!

Candle in the Snow
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...I am not sure how often I will be blogging the next couple of days, so I wanted to wish everyone happy holidays!!! For me they start today: its winter solstice!!! And I will celebrate with my girlfriends tonight and greet the light tomorrow early morning! It the birth of the light and the turning of the seasons and I feel so much better wen this point has been reached. My mood gets much better and I an so much looking forward to the return of the light.
Tomorrow we will go out to the country side to cut down our Christmas tree and have some fun out side....and some Glühwein (edited: that is hot spiced wine, you get it ready made, but much nice when you make it yourself!) ;-)
When we come back we will put up the tree and decorate it on Sunday. Think about the last thinks we forgot and get everything prepared. On 24th in the evening we have our Christmas celebration and the long awaited gifts get opened.... long night for the kids and us, too! Christmas day is a lazy day for us and this year I will make a traditional Christmas goose!!! Wish me luck for that one...haven't done it for years! On the second day of Christmas we are invited to a Christmas Party at our friends´ house....gonna be fun to....I think thats it...we will be busy, I bet.....wish you all a good time!!! Tell me about what you are up to. Would like to hear about your plans!!!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Blessed solstice!

Now, what exactly is Glühwein? Is that a mixture, or something you get straight out of a bottle? This sounds like a tradition I could get behind, lol!

3:28 pm CET  
Blogger Angela said...

oh I love Glühwein, gets me all sleepy ;-)
Happy holidays to you too!!!

4:36 pm CET  
Blogger Unknown said...

Happy holidays! Just baking and wrappin...

4:50 pm CET  
Blogger Gillian Ottaway said...

Enjoy your Christmas :) German Christmas traditions are fabulous (my sis lived there for awhile). Do you put real candles on your tree?

6:32 pm CET  
Blogger Ann(i)e Hafermann said...

Happy Holidays to you too!!!

6:52 pm CET  

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