Monday, December 17, 2007

...getting in the Christmas Feeling..;-)

finally I do get a bit of Christmas Feeling...;-). I took out some of our decoration and we had some long board game afternoons with the kids. In our family we do not put up the Christmas tree before the 21th of we will go cut a tree next weekend with some friends. This week I will finish my Christmas shopping and bake some cookies with the kids in the afternoons.
When taking out the decorations I discovered this guy:

without him its no Christmas! He is old and, lets face it, not a real beauty....but when he gets lid and the smoke comes out of his pipe, thats when Christmas starts for me!!! Do you have something like this, too? Something that triggers your Christmas feelings??? Would like to hear about it!!! Got to go!!! Today I have to make a trip to IKEA......pssss!!!! ;-)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love those Smoking Men! I have several, myself, as well as a couple if Pyramids that I started collecting when I lived in Erlangen for a year - but that was a long time ago. I miss being able to go to Nuernburg at Christmas.

11:54 am CET  
Blogger Birgit said...

How fun!

2:35 pm CET  

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