Thursday, October 25, 2007

....Thursday already!!!

I have done quite a bit of sorting and dealing with things I had left undone this week: lots of paperwork , that was sitting on my desk and I went to the town council again yesterday: the guy who is in charge of permitting my daughters dyslexic therapy did not give me any feedback, I found out he is absent because he is ill (since three weeks) and the lady who has to jump in for him gave me green lights !!! So we got one step further to getting it all arranged..still not through the whole way, but this is another important step!!

I am working on the preparation of two new workshops I am teaching, one next month and the other one is still a long way off, but I an very happy about this special workshop, since it is on the retreat of my polymer clay group and gives me the chance to take part in all the other Workshops too....;-)

So lots of things going on here.... when I find some time I will continue to work on my layouts, but I am not putting any pressure on it...;-)

Oh and I noticed my counter is very near to 5000! I hardly can believe this!!! So to celebrate this event I like to give out a RAK next week!!! Leave me a comment and tell me What you would like to see more on my blog. I will select one random winer of the Rak in a weeks time!!

And there is another game here!!! I nearly forgot that( bad me!!) Pay it forward....!!! I picked it up from Emine!
What does this mean? The first 3 people WHO comments on this blog will get something handmade from me within the next 365 days... I will be getting something from Emine!
BUT you need to post it on your blog too and pay it forward to other 3 people... I can't wait to see who will be the first 3 and the Rak winner!!
Ready set GO...

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Blogger Unknown said...

I love the stacks of albums--so fun! And congrats on the class! : )


4:24 pm CEST  
Blogger Heather said...

Look at all those beautiful albums! Gorgeous!
It's amazing how long it can take to get services for a child, isn't it?? It's the same here in the US in lots of places.

4:26 pm CEST  
Blogger luv2scrapmilestones said...

wow....I can not believe all the beautiful stacks of albums you have. They look incredible and very very yummy.

5:54 pm CEST  
Blogger Noelia said...

I'd like to see inside those DELICIOUS books!

8:44 pm CEST  
Blogger Lilian Schneider said...

Hi Anke,
I would like to see more about the mixed media techniques you use, so we can all learn from it, so maybe a step-by-step online workshop??? :-))

X Lilian

11:19 am CET  

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