Friday, July 27, 2007


I need to get this out!!! I am a "Warmduscher"!!! It literally means someone who has warm showers ... which does not mean much really, but in German this has become something like a title for wimps.
And I have to admit: I am a warmduscher. I do not have a problem with this, except that our shower has a problem!!!! Something is wrong with the temperature. You can have either cold or HOT!!! And I mean HOT HOT! nothing in between and definitely not warm!!! This really makes me mad!!! I try to fiddle around to get something in between HOT HOT and freezing cold, but the damn shower gives me something like 5 minutes freezing water, 5 sec. warm and then hot hot. If I turn it down again, same game: 5 minutes hot hot, 5 sec. warm and then freezing water!!! I complained about this to my Hubby, but he is no warmduscher, so he forgets about it and I am still in trouble!!! I need to get this fixed or it drives me nuts!

I went to the doctor on Wednesday and had my blood and some other things tested again. Everything seams to be more or less back to normal again! I am so grateful about not being ill anymore....but I still feel soo tiered and sleepy all the time!! And I has hoping to do so many things while the kids are at their grandparents ... oh well, seams like I need some relaxing time!! I also spoke to my doctor about my migraines, the last time I had it was just too bad!! And I had to promise my son I will see my doctor about it. She asked me to keep a diary about the pains and everything about it. So I will get back to write everything done, again. I had neglected this for to long.

My desk is just one big mess right now!!!! I have so many projects I still want to do!! I realized just yesterday it is only a bit more than a week until we are off to our holidays ... and many things waiting for me!!! Breath, Anke, Breath!!! and take one step after the other....;-))

Last night I finished a new layout. I have done this for the Challenge #3: "Escape" at All about EveĀ“s.

Journaling reads:
My Escape - Books are my escape, I read books, I make books, I write books, T eat books, I sleep books, I dream books,I see books, I buy books, I breath books, I need books, I hate books, I feel books, I love books, I hoard books, I hurt books. Escape!

Oh BTW: I still need to get the new Harry Potter!!! My son wants to read it in English!!! that is good news and I want to encourage it! His English teacher will be delighted...and I can read it after him...;-))
Have a great week end!!!

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Blogger Maureen said...

Love your layout... so cool!!

Hope your son loves the book; I did!!!

4:40 pm CEST  
Blogger Nathalie Kalbach said...

hehehe- I'm a Warmduscher too- don't worry! Love your wonderful layout!

6:05 pm CEST  
Blogger Beeline said...

Love your layout! Looks like you're on a creative roll ... previous layout is great and your travel book (flickr) is amazing!!

12:25 am CEST  

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