Friday, June 08, 2007

....bathing in Frances Meyer

...I got my finalist pack on Monday ...and I can only say they did pack great things in my pack of goodies!!! I have bben working on my entries every day or rather night since the pack arrived and sometimes I do not know anymore : is it great what I do or is it aweful??? Do you know that feeling?? You are so much into something, that you can not see it anymore??? Normally that would be a good time to relaxe, do something else and come back to it when you do have some distance to it again, but I feel I am running out of time if I do......So I am ducking into more work...;-)

I am working on some new stamps for the shop right now...dont know when they will actually be ready to be sold, but I will let you know....and maybe have another RAK. Did not have a RAK on the blog for ages!!!

Another thing on my mind right now is workshops ..... no not taking part in....teaching! I have not given any for a while, but I defintly would like to do that much more!!! I love teaching, and it is soo cool to work together with others and the teacher does get at least as many new inputs as the students!!! I am working on some new online- workshops, but I defintly would like to do more real live WS!

Today is also important for me as a mother: since we found out our daughter is dyslecic I have been through a lot of highs and lows and have been digging into it. I found out a lout of things I had no idea baout and unfortunately realixed German School system sucks....yeah right, I knew that before, but I got another proof for it! There is no such thing as special training IN school for kids with dyslexia.... well they dont say it like this, but thats what it really comes done to! And I am just realy pissed off about that!! ( Sorry if my language gets quite strong here, but I get very emotional about this!). Anyway...we started looking for alternatives and today we will have a get-to-know meeting at a Waldorf school, that is not too far away. This could be a solution for a couple of problems, but I am still not sure about it. It would be ideal for my daughters artistic talents and it would take some of the pressure away from her. The class has much smaller classes, so the teacher will have more time for my DD and it will me not as noisy as it is for her now, and that will help her to concentrate better on things. We will have to get some professional trainig for her outside of school and so it would be good to have a relaxed day at school, so it will not bee too much of everything. She does get logopedic training right now, but that is only a start! She, of course !, does not want to go to another school at at, she wants to stay with her friends and all. So today will be important for us!

......long post , no picture...will give you some more eye candy soon ;-)))

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Blogger Je@net said...

Wow girl, there is a lot going on in your life!! The contest, the stamps, the workshop..all great!!

And the dyslectic thing.....I know it's a long struggle!! But he, you know where your fighting for!! Go on girl!!

4:05 pm CEST  
Blogger anita said...

Good luck on your Frances Meyer entries!!!

8:19 pm CEST  
Blogger Emine Pazan said...

Good luck with your entries sweetie.. Can't wait to see them ;)

And it really SUCKS that schools fail with kids that need more attention... I hope everything works out Good


3:36 pm CEST  

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