Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Who are you???

....since first of February I have 744 visitors on my counter!!!! Wooohhhh!! I can not believe that ! I mean 744 people, how are intressted in my work , my live or what I write about...imagine that! I mean I know some of you are regulars, so the number has to be somewhat lower, but still thats a lot of people!!!
I only have one problem with that: Who are you??? I really would like to know!!!
What draws you to my blog and what would you like to see more about??? I think I need to tease you a bit so I will find out! Because most of you are to shy to leave a comment...but that´s what helps me to find out about YOU!!!!
So I will offer you something: Leave me a comment to this post, lets say until end of March, and tell me something about who you are, what you like to see on my blog and what your intrests are.
I will sent out three freebies to three of you in April. I can not say what it will be, but if you tell me what intressts you I try to find something that fits...;-)
So comon girls ( and guys???) leave me a comment!!!

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Blogger Nathalie Kalbach said...

LOL - you know I'm here anyway!

7:37 pm CET  
Blogger Christiane said...

hehe, me too!! and you know who i am!! :))

7:02 am CET  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello there,

I'm one of your regular readers and have never commented before (until yesterday that is)...I'm confused though because I haven't seen my comment come up and am wondering if I did something wrong?
It was a rather lengthy comment in response to "Who are you?"...maybe too long?
Anyway I'm trying this again...please let me know

2:24 am CET  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've been here almost every day since june last summer. I'm crafty, swedish and a happy one who loves her camera. Have a new started blogg, but it's all in swedish.
Have a great day!

11:08 am CET  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Me again...I see it worked this time! - In response to 'Who are you?' - I live in Vancouver Canada, work in Graphic Design and make art on the side. I was drawn to your blog because of your art, in particular, your hand carved stamps. I love to carve as well and look to you for inspiration - I even ordered a book that you recommended! I don't have my own blog or website - just a reader of them.
I am hoping to travel to Berlin this summer - so if you pick me for your little contest, you can save yourself the postage! Heh Heh!
If not, that's OK - maybe you can give me some tourist info? I can be contacted at baja44@shaw.ca

3:49 pm CET  
Blogger Miranda said...

Hi Anke, I found your blog by the Uncensored Scrap forum and wanted to take a look. For the first time today...
But, I love your work, so your gonna be in my bloglines!
Hope to get to know you better soon!


5:43 pm CET  
Blogger sylvia said...

hi anke! I found your blog through a comment you left on nat's blog, about altering a book. i scrap, make cards, photograph, create canvases (basteltante...) and recently i've been really interested in mixed media /altered imagery. i can't believe i never spotted your blog before, i love your work and will visit often now!
take care, sylvia

12:27 pm CET  
Blogger Sandra said...

Hallo, ich bin Sandra aus Berlin. Ich hab deinen Blog letztes Jahr im Sommer über Flickr entdeckt.

5:52 pm CEST  

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