Monday, March 19, 2007

258V ususal!There are lots of things going on again: lots of work in the shop, faily is visiting and I have a tough thing going on in my mind: my daughter was diagnosed Dyslexic!!! I know there are lots of thing that can be done to help her, but what really freaks me out about this is that I am dyslexic myself and I thought I have all sorted out for myself.... but now I realize that is not so! All the old sh.... is coming up again and I know this will be a hard time coming up for us! Who will I be able to teach my daughter something I am not very good at myself??? She does not want to do any reading and writing...but there will be no way around it.
As it always goes I have been reading a novel in which there is a very talented girl, but she is dyslexic. She is gong to a school where one of here teachers is also dyslexic, and this teacher says it is a gift not a handicap. That way to see it was completly new to me, and so I did some research an the internet. And I realy found someone who says its a gift not a handicap:
Ronald Davies. This guy is dyslexic himself and he developed this program to correct the difficulties with reading and writing for people who are dyslexic. I read his book and there are a lot of things that do sound very good to me, and I can relate to them. But I am still not sure if this is all just a rip off, or if it is a really good thing. Does anyone of you have experience with the Davis Program???
Well besides that of course we also go the usual way with lots of talks to my daughters teachers, doctors and programs...... oh my gosh...that I have to go through all this again!!!

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Blogger Nathalie Kalbach said...

sorry to hear this - but you will all sort it out I'm totally sure!!! HUgs to you!

10:45 am CET  
Blogger Amanda said...

Anke, I think that shifting your perspective to "accentuate the positive" is a good thing, regardless of the Davis program. I don't know anything about that program, but if you help your daughter realise that she gets to see things a different way than other folks, and that difference can be really cool - then I think it will be OK.

Hugs to you and your daughter both!

4:16 pm CET  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If your daughter has to deal with this then she is lucky to have a mom who is dyslexic also. You understand in a way the others do not. You know what makes it hard and hopefully you have learned and will continue to learn more strategies on how to deal with this.

People with certain difficulties are usually very strong in another way in terms of talent because of how the brain is structured. Maybe your artistic nature has to do with the dyslexia. I have A.D.D. and I know that many of my strengths are a result of it.

BTW, I LOVE the collage! It is beautiful!

7:46 pm CEST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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7:48 pm CEST  

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