Sunday, September 17, 2006

....all are ill....;-((

sorry for beeing such a lame blogger lately! I am having a hard time right now: first my son was ill, them my husband, then I caught the bug. And now even our poor bunny Ix Chel is ill: she is having an infected jaw again. All her check is swollen and we had to go to the vet twise already. At lunch we will have to go again, and she might have to be operated again....
I do not feel like writing much under these circumstances.

Next Thursday I will go away for the weekend: to a Polymere Clay workshop in Mainz. I am really looking forward to this since it is the first time that something like this is happening in Germany at all!!! And there will be a teacher coing from the US to teach us: Lisa Pavelka! And I will meet all the others from my PC List !!! This is going to be one busy and inspiring week end!
Since the train conections are so stupid, I am leaving on Thursday evening already and stay one night at my sister-in laws house. On Friday morning I will move on to Mainz.

But before that there is still a lot of other things to be done:
on Thuesday I will give the third part of my special bookbinding workshop ( if my pupil will not have some other things to do AGAIN!) and getting us all well again are the mayor points on my list......
....but: donĀ“t forget to breath, hunny!!! ( this is for myself and everyone else how needs it!)


Blogger Unknown said...


I leave for Germany tomorrow - I'll be in your country for two months. I got your post on my blog, but I do not have your email address to reply privately.

Anyway, please email me at decor8blog[at]yahoo[dot]com because I will be visiting Berlin and would love to meet up with you and do something fun! :)


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