Friday, August 25, 2006

..time flyes

...its allready Friday again and I still can not start with my Free Friday project again.....and my slow down intention has not gone very far either ;-(

I am soooo busy right now! My kids have stared school again this week.
My daughter will take part in a little theater play the second grade is preforming for the first grade, when they start school on Saturday this week.
My son left his old school after six years and started grammar school. It was very exiting for all of us since this is a big step! But when they were introduced to the school everything went really well: they had a wonderful school band playing Irish music for the 7 graders and their parents and he is in one class together with two of his old friends.

I am doing a lot of overtime at work, since the autum trade fairs started again and my bosses are gone. So I have to stay in the shop for much longer than usual.

I am also working for my very first market. It will be on the 3rd of September and I still need to finish a lot of the things that I want to sell. I am very exited about this since it is the first try to see how my work is selling.

I also had a phone call the other day: a request for a workshop! Of course I could not say no to such a good offer! So I need to prepeare that as well.

Apart form this ( as if that would not be enough already!) I am still trying to get my act together and work towards a more simple and more orderly home and organization for our house. But I am more reading than doing about this right now.....and will go back to do more, when I have a bit more free time!

Sometimes I just need to breath!!!!


Blogger Sandra said...

O, that is today, your very first market... success!

7:19 am CEST  
Blogger Unknown said...

thank you!!! Actually I mixed up the dates its on 3rd...tomorrow!!!

5:40 pm CEST  

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