Thursday, June 08, 2006

...I have lost it...;-((( - or the invisible pillow

.... do you know that feeling??? You see something on one of the blogs you like to read, or you follow a link and find something you like, or something sweet, and then you go on to something else...
Well, after a while or even on the next day, you remember what you have seen and you check your bookmarks and its can check as much as you want it just gone!!! You can not remember how or were you have seen it, but you know exactly what it looks like....that really makes me crazy!!!
What I have lost, you ask??? I have seen the patter for a wonderfull pillow. Its kind of like a yoga pillow, four long sides and two short sides, with small pieces of fabric under the pieces that go through the pillow to bind it together, and I think it was red.....but that I am not sure of.
I wish I had printed it out or bookmarked it. And if any of you KNOW what I am talking about PLEASE tell me were it is!!! I think I will try to make up my own pattern, if I can not find it ( just to get that thing out of my head!!), but I would still like to know were it is!!


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