Monday, April 24, 2006

....I will write more...;-)

Time always seams to fly by.....I feel like the older I get, the less time I have. There is always tons of things to do and soon the evening is here and there is still tons of things to do....I promised myself to write more again and I think writing is a good way to see how much you actullaly do and experience. So I decided not just to post pictures in my blog, but to write more!

Spring is here now at last! We had a very long winter this year and I am looking forward to see more green leaves again. I did clean our balcony a bit over the weekend, but I still need to get the rest of the old earth down to the compost and clean the pots before I can put in new earth and flowers. This year I will not have any vegetables, but only herbs ( I can not go without those!) and flowers! I want to try to do a bit more with all the inspiration I got from travelling to my beloved English Gardens with my parents last year!!!

I did finish quite a bit of art work on the weekend, too. A whole bunch on ATC ( but still more, I need to make) , the last but one Ooplala bag and Susans "Diary of a travelling Goddess" finished. I did some organizing work for AlteredArtEurope and set up the first goodies for my etys shop at last. Have a look here:

I will do my next exercise for the "Creating without Fear" project , that Kelly has set up... after the first task I have done, I know this is a road with many surprises!! To see more go to Kelly´s wonderful blog:

Yesterday I did do some cleaning away from stuff in the cellar and found some shoe boxes full of old letters. The first box is full of letters, I got during my time in England. I wonder what happend to all the people I knew then. It is really sad, that I did loose contact with so many people, that were importrant to me once! But what surprised me most, was that I got really upset reading my mums letters .... after twenty years! can you belive that! I don´t know if I will ever be able to work out what kind of relation ship it is, that I have with my mum, but its not an easy one, I know that much!! But I think I need to try to track at least some of my old school friend down! And there is still two more boxes to got through!!!


Blogger Kari said...

Hi Anke, it is great to see your blog - I love your work and it will be a joy to view them like this.

I too am a terrible correspondent and lose contact with old friends, except for exchanging Christmas cards once a year.

Good luck wih tracking some of your school friends - it will be fun finding out what they are doing now.

Kari x

1:01 pm CEST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey, I see butterflies poking out of there!

12:05 am CEST  

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